BiblioLoad. A Royal Match



An ordinary girl, a prince in line to the throne this has the makings of a royal match! My name's Freddie, by the way." Like I wouldn't have known that? Hello, second in line to the throne and the constant topic of media speculation. Where does he think I'm from the Moon? Erm, m-mine's Calypso," I stuttered. At the British boarding school St Augustine's, Calypso Kelly is known as the American freak'. But this year, Year Ten, she's armed with a plan to become very popular: a very hot, very imaginary boyfriend back home in LA. When she sets her plan in motion, Calypso is shocked at how easily she joins the inner circle of Britain's most elite girls. Popularity comes with a price but also a prince. After an event with the boys' school Eades, Calypso starts getting texts and fancy royal letters from heir to the throne Prince Freddie! Not everyone is so thrilled with the idea of an American girl dating the prince of England though especially when a photo of Calypso and Prince Freddie kissing winds up in the tabloids. It will take some quick thinking (and a safety pin) to save her reputation and her royal romance.

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